Change Your Life


Harness the power of your subconscious mind to tap into healing energy that can improve your health and your life!

Can you imagine how useful it would be to learn how to create a peaceful oasis in your busy, stressful day?

Finally take control of your sub-conscious mind and utilize it to heal!

When I was going through breast cancer, one of the things I became aware of quite quickly was that badly managed stress was very much involved in why I got sick.

Of course, it wasn’t the only reason, but I believe that this stress undermined my immune system to a significant degree. So one of the first things I felt I must do is learn meditation so I could better handle that stress and then the anxiety of having a breast cancer diagnosis.

As a breast cancer coach, fully 95% of the women with whom I work have told me the same thing – that they were under a lot of stress in the lead-up to their breast cancer diagnosis. Since many of them had no access to meditation classes, I created the Change Your Life Meditation Course to teach exactly how to utilize the power of our brains to tap into healing, to reduce stress, and to create an oasis of peace in our lives.

“Marnie, I have now worked through all the modules of your meditation course. It is really great. I have been struggling with meditation for some years now, not being able to stop the endless buzzing in my mind. I have tried 20 or so different CDs, videos etc. and nothing has worked. However, your calm voice, the words, the visualizations, all worked and really helped me slip into the meditative state. Now I find myself thinking of the hammock at my place by the sea when I need a break from the day to day hustle and bustle.

Helena C - Switzerland

Just visualize yourself harnessing the power of your subconscious mind to tap into healing energy that can improve your health and your life!

You can teach your children to use it too – what a beautiful gift to teach them.

You will love how you feel after you learn how to drift far, far away from a stressful day – all in the comfort of your own living space.

As you delve deeper into the course you will be amazed at how your calmness and joy increase!

Can you recall what it feels like to sit on a warm beach, the salt breeze tousling your hair… wouldn’t it be great if you could learn how to put yourself into this place and not have to leave the peace of your own surroundings?

As you absorb this information and make time to bring peace and healing into your day, you’ll discover for yourself how easy it is to change your mind and in so doing, change your life!

Scientific research confirms that regular meditation has a protective and healing effect on our DNA [1]

Give yourself a gift – use my Change-Your-Life Meditation Course to improve your life, your health, your relationships, even your ability to bring abundance into your life because regular meditation can enhance all of these areas of your life.

“Dear Marnie, Most mornings I use your meditations before my morning prayers. The more I meditate, the more I realize how much meditation is needed and how my prayers are more mindful and deeper! I am thankful to you for your seemingly endless caring and knowledge, which I have learned to respect very much.

Mary S - Oregon

Discover how to unleash the power of your subconscious mind so that you can:

Manage stress and deal with it better

Decrease pain levels

Sleep better

Ease depression and anxiety

Improve concentration and get rid of “chemo brain”

Improve ability to visualize your way to better health

Learn how to protect and heal your DNA


Just imagine – in minutes a day, you can get a daily dose of bliss and prime your mind to be your greatest ally!

Price: $129.95 value, for a limited time you can access this life-changing training for just $59.95 USD

My Guarantee To You

Your satisfaction is assured through my no-risk, you-can’t lose, 100% no questions asked (well I might ask you what you didn’t like about it for future product improvements!), iron-clad money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, just contact me directly within 14 days of purchase and I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

That means you get to try it for two weeks, risk-free.

If you are not completely happy with my course, if it doesn’t take you by the hand and teach you exactly what you need to know to help you stay well, then I don’t want your money… and I will gladly give it all back. You have nothing to lose!

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