The most comprehensive course on how to have a recurrence-free survival


Helping you to not only survive, but thrive beyond your diagnosis

You're About To Unlock The Most Comprehensive Course on Breast Cancer You'll Ever See ...

Empower Yourself With the Knowledge, Tools and Resources To Not Only Survive, But THRIVE Beyond Your Diagnosis

Hi, I'm Marnie Clark.

As a breast cancer coach, one of the things I am asked most frequently by women going through the journey is how to get through it with a minimum of damage to their bodies, and their psyche; in other words, how best to survive and give themselves the best chances of recurrence-free survival — especially without the use of hormone inhibiting drugs.

In order to answer that need, I put together a comprehensive “how-to” course called “Toxic Free Me”.

The course has taken me the better part of 3 years to compile. It contains 20+ years worth of personal study, my own experience with breast cancer, and what I have found works the best while working with others on this journey.

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work and hours that’s gone into the creation of Toxic Free Me. It covers everything, I can honestly say it would have driven me nuts to do the research to obtain all of this valuable information and I thank you for that.”

Janet W., UK 3/20/20

Everything Within This Course Has Helped Me To Remain Cancer Free for 20 Years!

I have included the latest studies and research.

Here’s what my life-saving "Toxic Free Me" course covers:

The problem with hormone blocking drugs;

The food that should be avoided and the food that actually helps to protect, including the latest research;

How to revitalize your immune system;

How to reduce your viral load, because that’s a huge factor;

How to detoxify your personal care and cleaning products + recipes for making your own;

The supplements that make the biggest difference for breast cancer, including research;

How essential oils help us, including research;

The diagnostic tests you can do to monitor how you’re going (in case your doctor washes his/her hands of you because you’re not following his/her plan);

How to detoxify your body – the things that make the most difference, and how to do them;

How to heal toxic thoughts and emotions;

The importance of clean water;

Which types of exercise make the biggest difference for breast cancer survivors;

How intermittent fasting can be used;

How to manage stress;

How to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields.

This course has taken me the better part of 6 years to compile.

It contains 20+ years worth of personal study, my own experience with breast cancer, and what I have found works the best whilst working with others on this journey.

“I have been so worried for so long that I might not be doing enough to keep myself well after my breast cancer diagnosis. Your course, Toxic Free Me, has given me so much quality information – that food section! Wow! – that now I know all of the things I can do to help myself stay recurrence-free. Blessings to you, I’m so grateful for this course and all the time and effort you put into it to help us get through this journey. I feel a lot less alone.”

Paula P., 12/2/2019

So is this course for you? Here are some questions to help you decide:

Are you determined to overcome your breast cancer diagnosis and be a thriving survivor?

Are you tired of feeling alone because your treatment providers and loved ones are pushing you to take a course of action that you are not comfortable with?

Are you worried about the toxic effects of some of the treatments recommended by your oncologist?

Are you completely confused by all of the anti-cancer supplements available out there? Which ones work? Which ones don’t?

Are you a survivor of all the treatments but frightened that breast cancer might return?

“Hi Marnie! My stress/anxiety level has been reduced to almost zero since starting to read Toxic Free Me. Everything I need in one place!”

Sue S., 11/30/2019

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, Toxic Free Me is exactly what you need!

This will be the BEST investment you make for yourself and your healing journey - and it comes with a guarantee!

ALSO it's an “evergreen” course - meaning that I will continually be adding information to it. As I read new research or discover new, helpful things, I will add them to the course and you can access ALL of it!

I've been told from online sales people that this course should be sold for $500+ - but I really wanted it to be easily accessible for everyone, which is why I priced it at $255, however if it helps you out at all, I have reduced the price for a full upfront payment OR you can choose installments.

Pay Upfront and Save

(most popular option)

Pay Over Time

x4 fortnightly payments $55

My Guarantee To You

Your satisfaction is assured through my no-risk, you-can’t lose, 100% no questions asked (well I might ask you what you didn’t like about it for future product improvements!), iron-clad money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, just contact me directly within 14 days of purchase and I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

That means you get to try it for two weeks, risk-free.

If you are not completely happy with my course, if it doesn’t take you by the hand and teach you exactly what you need to know to help you stay well, then I don’t want your money… and I will gladly give it all back. You have nothing to lose!

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