My 'How To' Courses

As A Breast Cancer survivor and coach I have spent many years researching an abundance of therapies and a variety of modalities that assist us to live our best lives. I’ve taken what I’ve learnt and put them into two popular programs – designed to support you on your journey and beyond.

When I was going through breast cancer, one of the things I became aware of quite quickly was that badly managed stress was very much involved in my diagnosis. As a breast cancer coach, 95% of the women with whom I work have told me the same thing.

Many of them had no access to meditation classes, so I created my Change Your Life Meditation Course to teach exactly how to utilize the power of your own brain to tap into healing, to reduce stress, and to create an oasis of peace in your life.

As a breast cancer coach, one of the things I am asked most frequently by women going through the journey is how to get through it with a minimum of damage to their bodies, and their psyche; in other words, how best to survive and give themselves the best chances of recurrence-free survival.

So I put together a comprehensive “how-to” course to do just that. It’s called “Toxic Free Me” and I have put 20 years worth of personal experiences and the latest studies into this course.

When You’re On a Cancer Healing Journey Your Immune System is Everything. The only things holding you back from having a strong immune system is a sluggish colon, a toxic liver and congested lymphatics!

The CHEMO CLEANSE SYSTEM teaches you exactly what steps you need to take to detox your body safely and effectively so that you are feeling great and glowing with health – THRIVING. This is our sole/soul purpose.

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